Architectural Versus Real Estate Photographers

Many people ask if Architectural Photographers and Real Estate Photographers are the same. They both specialize in shooting architecture, however the approach is usually very different.

If you’re looking to quickly document a project strictly for selling purposes, then a real estate photographer is the way to go. They are less expensive and will go through the project in less then an hour.

But if you want photographs that capture the creativity and character of a space, to showcase in your portfolio and for high-end publications, an architectural photographer is your best bet. Architectural photographers will meet and consult with you, figure out the best approach, think about the styling, move the furniture around and choose the most appropriate time of the day to capture images that render your design at it’s best.

How do you decide if we are the right fit for you?

First it is important that you go through the images on our website. Search for categories and projects that relate to yours and see if you like the quality and character of the photographs. If you like our visual approach, the next step is to provide us with a detailed description of your project so that we can give you a precise cost estimate to photograph it. We encourage you to give us a call at 646-301-1439 for effectiveness and expediency. Or please email us here.

Depending on several factors - number of views, day and/or dusk shots, exteriors and/or interiors, industrial, commercial or residential, with or without people, and proximity of the projects if you need to photograph more than one - we will evaluate the time needed to properly capture your design according to your priorities. We encourage you to give us a budget range you are confortable with. Letting us know your budget range will not increase the final cost for the photography. On the contrary it will allow us extra flexibility to meet your needs and give you more than one option whenever possible.

Typically we like to give our clients 2 pricing alternatives. One that prioritize a lower photography cost by moderating the number of views on the outset, and one that privileges the range of views to choose from over the photography cost.

Can I reduce my expenses by sharing the photography costs with other parties?

Absolutely. In fact we always encourage our clients to get more than one party to pay for the photography any time it is possible. This is called multi-party usage. For example, architects often split the cost of a shoot with the contractor, engineers, interior designers and other parties who were involved in the project. Fees in this situation will be greater due to the increase in usage, as we charge $300 more for every additional user. However, each party will still realize a substantial saving compared to the prospect of paying for photography on their own.

Who owns the photographs after the shoot?

We do, but we license their use to our clients. Without additional fees, our clients may use the photographs in portfolios, on their company website, for presentations, and for company promotion. Use for submission to design competitions or to publications is also allowed. If a publication want to use the photographs we took of your project, they will pay the publication fee to us. Only us, the photographers, have the right to license the use of our work. Any party interested in the use of our photographs should contact us directly to arrange usage.